"This goes to someone who has made a big contribution to eating out in Melbourne, Paul Wilson. Not only has he kept the food up to scratch in South Yarra but he's launched the kitchen at Brighton's equivalent & in both places he introduces a level of generosity & understanding of food, & the way it should be eaten & enjoyed that is rare among his peers. We knew he could cook, this year he has done a fare bit more."

"Bright, powerful and big, big, big on flavour dipping in and out of the East West and place in between it is the pillar on which this restaurant leans on this identity."

"The yellow-fin tuna starter is a classic Wilson dish with many layers, textures and influences but great harmony made up of a roasted peanut sauce, watermelon, a Thai salad of carrots, papaya, lime, garlic chips jumbled with the usual sweet & sour hot players. Beautiful raw tuna rolled in a soy caramel coated with roasted crushed peanuts and caramelized master stock poached crisp fried pork belly. Dish of the year & one of the unforgettable dishes of 2008"

"Wilson is a magnificent chef a true original"